Construction Day 48: Squeal!
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Construction Day 48: Squeal!

That was my reaction! Instant gratification – one day, one project, and d .o.n.e.

I need to figure out how to take better pictures of such a tiny space. But for now, here’s my best representation:

*The teal blue color is better represented in the pictures above, rather than this lamp picture. but see the wallpaper goes all the way over the ceiling.

  • Radu

    That wallpaper is so cool.
    Rabbits humping butterlies?!…Love it!

  • Jlbreake

    I went to some beachy woods in RI and it looked mostly like this w/bunnies and monarchs all over.  Cool!

  • victorianinbloom

    that’s the idea we are going for (re both of those comments). now come visit to see for yourselves :)