Subway tile inspiration and choice
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Subway tile inspiration and choice

Ok, so so far the feedback on the blog/conversations is that we should just go with wainscoting with subway tile and then paint up top. But  I thought I would also do a round up of inspiration pictures to help visualize the two options:

Subway all the way to the ceiling:

Sources: Bryn Alexandra; Young House Love; Horrigan O’Malley Architects; CoCoCozy

And here are some inspiration shots with wainscoting:

Sources: Signature Hardware; Lauren Bradshaw via Design Sponge; Sarah Richardson; Brooklyn Limestone

Well is this helpful? Or more confusing?

I must say I am still leaning to tiling all the way to the ceiling. But I suppose I should also do at least back of the envelope calculation of how much something like that might run me. Our budget has been chucked out the window long ago, but still there is quite a finite amount left possible to spend.

Ok, any more advice? will gladly take it all!

Update: Thank you all for the advice! It’s very interesting, most people tend to have strong preference one way or the other. The final tally is 7  for option 1 all the way to the ceiling, to 5.5 (Ryan voted twice :) for option 2 half-way up or wainscoting. Sergey and I counted as tie breakers, pushing option 1 by two votes

Our decision — we are going all the way!

  • Good examples. I like the subway tiles, just also prefer having the option of color and changing color on a whim.  Tile can be changed, just much harder to do.  Full disclosure, our subway tile goes all the way to the ceiling – just in the shower.  So we can definitely relate.  The rest of the way around is white bottom boxed wood to look sort of like wainscotting (sp?) with chair rail and paint above that.  So we did a mix of the two.  It’ll look great either way.

  • Brendan

    Wainscoting. Doing the entire wall reminds me of institutions and hospitals. Floor to ceiling are hyper hygienic looks. That’s why you find them in old institutions, but also why you find them in some houses from around the turn of the century. Around 1900 is when they finally figured out the connection between disease, dirt, germs and hygiene. With the new knowledge, they went overboard for a while. Wainscoting is much more informal, well-measured, and sufficient.

  • Colleen

    I like it all the way to the ceiling – we did it all the way to the ceiling and it is so easy to clean!  Also – I love love the floor tile!