I tried vinegar, I tried digging, the vines just come back, with a vengeance. I did dig up the flower bed after we finally got some rain yesterday (its been hotttt!)

And then I gave up on the organics and just went with the real, chemical, toxic stuff. on the vines growing next to the cement wall. I am hoping to plant climbing roses there.

that is of course if the squirrels don’t get them. They have dug up all of my plants, multiple times, and now the hibiscus is dead, and some other ones may follow in their way. I have been putting cayenne pepper around the base of the plants, which helps. But you have to re-do it every day or two in order for it to be effective. Right now I only have a few plants, so its possible (but even then!) but what happens if I want to plant more??

I am trying this potion stuff right now – but I think this too, must be reapplied way too frequently for me to be able to keep up.

Sergey is planning operation capture and exile. We shall see…