The State of the VIB

Long time – no see! We are back from our round the world trip – actually have been for a few months now. I have missed this space, but…you know how it goes. We’ve been busy setting up house, writing about our adventures over on House to Laos – our travel blog, and I have been looking for a new job (found).

Last month we took some photos of the State of the VIB, which I am super excited to share with you.… Read the rest

Tag, you are it!

We are having a tag sale! Saturday, 27 July, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

We will be selling items big and small,  letting go of an era. Please feel free to come by, browse, and take a peak at the house if you like!

A sample of what’s on offer:

Lots of candles. And candle holders. Vases of all sorts. Including those that can hold floating candles.

Picture frames. You know, for that gallery wall you always wanted to make.… Read the rest

Renting the VIB

As exciting as our upcoming grand travel adventure is, there is a whirlwind of planning and research associated that is at least as extensive and time consuming as the deepest throes of renovation. But I kind of love it, so that’s cool! One of the big to do’s on our list: Renting the VIB – so we can take care of paying the mortgage and hopefully put away some money to take care of emergencies should those arise (knock on wood).… Read the rest


Hello there everyone. We have a very big announcement. We are off! to see the WORLD! Remember this little hint? well we couldn’t think of a better way to reward ourselves for all the hard work than with a new, grand adventure. Exciting, right?!

After going back and forth on whether we should keep the ol’ VIB site as our primary record of adventure, we ultimately decided that we would jump ship to a new home, called House to Laos.… Read the rest

Bits and pieces fall into place

I am spinning my wheels a bit here. I suppose that happens when you get close to finishing a major undertaking like a gut renovation of kitchen/bathrooms in a 100-year-old-plus house. There’s lots more to post about, some bits are completely done and haven’t seen the light of blog (hallway lights!), while others are just waiting for their finishing touches that we will add more or less at our leisure (kitchen before and after is going to be so good!)… Read the rest

Lock, Set, and Ready

Wheeee. Sergey and I locked in our refinance rate. The clock is set and we’re ready to get this show over with. We have about six weeks until it’s all done, and in the meantime we have to get all of our documents together, paint away, and get whatever else done in the house that we can to best show it off. We will probably finish right around the same time three years ago when we signed up for this adventure.… Read the rest

Hiatus Before the Storm

When we were renovating with contractors, I thought that things couldn’t possibly be moving at a higher speed. Turns out I was wrong. Getting the last few bits done as we gear up for refinance turns out to be even more hectic. Particularly so with travel on the agenda. I will be out this week and next, traveling to Russia to celebrate a very special 30th and 90th (!!) birthday. In the meantime, Sergey will be in charge of the VIB.… Read the rest

Flea Markets and Vintage Shopping in DC

As they say in Russia, how you meet the new year, is how you will spend it. We have met the new year hosting, which we absolutely love to do. and now we are continuing on, with one of my absolutely favorite people ever visiting us for a few days. projects around the house are on hold, but we may do some sourcing and shopping in the coming days, especially now that we have a red room to decorate.… Read the rest

2012 in Review: Life (During Renovation) Chronicles

We have had a couple of big years for us here at VIB. In 2010 we bought the house, in 2011 we got married, and in 2012 we renovated. I don’t even know what to expect from 2013. But before looking forward, I thought it would be fun to look back. We have managed quite a bit in the 12 months of renovating.

Family: We hosted my mom and sisters three times (twice without a proper shower!).… Read the rest