Éminence Grise

The other day, I was sitting around, looking at this:

and it just really looked awful. and I thought, to hell with waiting to demolish the kitchen, even though that is exactly what i would like to do right now. unfortunately (or fortunately) we have to wait a few more months before we can begin in order to line up all of our financial sources to begin. we are thinking mid march, but that’s a subject for another post.… Read the rest

Addition to the Family

A bit unexpected, but hey so is life. Otto, the orange kitty, came to live with us this weekend. For reals. He is a year old kitten that came to us via Syracuse University, hence the name.

in other happenings this weekend, we participated in the DC tweed ride. Great fun, particularly if you normally refuse to get on a bike in the city, because city bike riding scares you (ahem).… Read the rest