Antique Enough?

Two weeks ago I randomly won tickets to the first-ever Washington DC Antiques Roadshow. Obviously, I was very excited, even though I was quite certain that I had zero antiques to have assessed. On Saturday, Sergey and I ran around the house trying to find anything that was possibly worthy of an appraisal.This is what we came up with:

And off we went to the Convention Center, where we waited, and waited, and then once we got to the top of the line, we were assigned tickets for specific categories, such as silver and decorative arts, and then we waited some more in the appraisal lines.… Read the rest

VIB gets an Audit

Yesterday, after 4 long months of waiting it finally happened. We got a DC RiverSmart audit! The DC government program basically allocates $1200 per property to alleviate issues connected with storm water run-off via rain barrels, water gardens, shade trees and permeable patios.

We definitely needed it. We noted the issue with flooding almost as soon as we moved in. Well today’s rain looks even worse, our backyard is a mess of standing water.… Read the rest


Sergey decided that instead of delivery, we would go get our dryer – money wise wasn’t that much of a difference, so I was surprised when he insisted. Something about how stories happen when you go do stuff, instead of sit around and wait for it to be delivered. (I suspect he also really, really wanted a dryer, but whatever).


(apologies for the blurry pictures, I was super tired and a little anious over the whole get-this-thing-down-the-stairs-myself)

Well, the dryer is here.… Read the rest


Several months back, Sergey got me tickets to see the Arcade Fire in Baltimore, so we decided to make a weekend of it going around to salvage stores, and doing some touristy stuff. Let me just say, Baltimore was fantastic!

I loved all the old buildings and rowhouses. Baltimore did not feel like DC at all – to me it seemed bigger and maybe grittier?


On a non-VIB topic, can I just say that the national aquarium is totally worth the money, as long as you get the tickets to the dolphin show.… Read the rest

Frame It

I was super proud of Sergey when he was asked to design posters for the annual Climate Rally concert on the mall. So I got three of his posters framed (I think the plan is to rotate the three different prints in this spot above the kitchen table).


Even those the posters were standard 11 X 17, apparently there are no mattes and frames that are pre-made.

My next thought was getting a custom frame, which would have been a very nice way to show Sergey that he is awesome.… Read the rest