Several months back, Sergey got me tickets to see the Arcade Fire in Baltimore, so we decided to make a weekend of it going around to salvage stores, and doing some touristy stuff. Let me just say, Baltimore was fantastic!

I loved all the old buildings and rowhouses. Baltimore did not feel like DC at all – to me it seemed bigger and maybe grittier?


On a non-VIB topic, can I just say that the national aquarium is totally worth the money, as long as you get the tickets to the dolphin show. I think that Sergey and I had just as much fun as all the kids sitting next to us (yes we did sit in the splash zone, and yea, you get wet). Forgive the distraction, but these pictures are just too good not to share.



Of course, part of the fun were the store, which even included a Sears Appliance Outlet. We actually found a dryer to take home. It is new, with just a few scratches from being used as a floor model. Obviously that made me very happy, although it wouldn’t fit into our rental car, so we have to go back with a Zipcar today.

Next up, treasures from salvage stores!