Frame It

I was super proud of Sergey when he was asked to design posters for the annual Climate Rally concert on the mall. So I got three of his posters framed (I think the plan is to rotate the three different prints in this spot above the kitchen table).


Even those the posters were standard 11 X 17, apparently there are no mattes and frames that are pre-made.

My next thought was getting a custom frame, which would have been a very nice way to show Sergey that he is awesome. But at $120 a pop, I just couldn’t do bring myself or my credit card to do it.

After a lot of research, I found this cite, which sells mattes and frames for 11X17 prints at a much more doable rate (see here). All you have to do is insert your art. I would prefer real glass to plexi glass, but, all in all, I am very pleased.