Hello There

Yes, I know its been awhile. And no, there has been no progress on the drywall. We have had so many things going on that I don’t think there will be anything of substance done until September. I do have a few small things to share.

First up, if you remember I talked about shoe storage contraption. Well, this is what I planned to do — and unfortunately it didn’t work out.

When I measured the vestibule between first and second door that lead into the house, the dimensions were just right. apparently I didn’t take into account wainscoting. back to ikea the contraption went.

So this is what we have instead. I bought the console table off craigslist for $30 and changed out the awful chrome handles to the ones that i found at loading dock salvage store (i had planned to use them for the original shoe holder). I don’t think you can see them that clearly, but you get the idea.

I am actually quite happy with the baskets. the shoes don’t always make their way in, but at least there is an option for when I want the house to be super clean, as in when I take pictures for the blog )

*the coat tree is from Ruff n Ready (obviously)