Chalk Board Series

remember our to do chalk board?

well, to have even more incentive to be productive, I am starting a monthly chalk board series – to chronicle our to do lists (at the beginning of the month) and our achievement/ failures (at the end of the month). This one is a bit backwards, because I don’t have a picture from beginning of the month. But this is what we’ve done over September:

I know some items are cryptic and some may be hard to read. So let me translate:

Dryer hook up – nope, we still don’t have it working

Lights outsideĀ  – nope, but probably a good idea to light front and back porches now that its getting dark so early

strip doors – its a wash, if you take out the S at the end, its done!

repaint doors – see above

order wallpaper – done! foyer is going to look great

plant roses – done

outside beds – nope, the tree box outside is still waiting

call contractors – done. three came out and told us the house does not need any leveling, two promised estimates on plaster, one submitted, and that’s on the back burner for now.

*I am ignoring home depot, ikea, and grocery shopping list.

get doors from bloomingdale neighbors – done.

lock for outside – nope, the patio door still needs a new lock before we can put it up

read book – done, reading on drywall chapter from renovation textbook (no, i am not kidding)

fence outside – done, the chain link fence out back by the roses had to be cut in order to clean, dig holes and and plant roses.

measure – done, foyer (for the wall paper) and doors (to replace fake board with real wood)

So how did we do? Sergey and Jenia -neutral – Chalk board: 7-2-4

not bad at all.

come back tomorrow for October list!