Knock, knock

who’s there?

its me, a FIREPLACE!

On Sunday morning, we were having breakfast with a friend, who suggested that we investigate what we have behind the plaster of what appeared to be a fireplace. So we did. After layers of plaster, we found some bricks:


After just a few minutes of scraping out mortar and hammering at the brick, sergey was able to push half out to reveal that behind was indeed a fireplace! you can even see that it looks like its been used. We went up to the roof, to take a look at the chimney and it appears that intake and flute are fine. Fingers crossed, we will have a fireplace(s) to heat the summer this winter.



Question, is do we put in wood or gas? wood is much nicer and probably warmer, but also more expensive and time consuming as you have to purchase, store, and actually expand effort to make fire. gas on the other hand, just requires an on/off switch. Any opinions out there?