Baby steps

or a giant leap forward.

I generally stay in bounds of house blogging here, but neighborhood is important. (if you aren’t from DC, below probably will have no meaning for you, so come back monday for house updates!)

today, a whole two events of note occur. (whether these will be baby steps or giant leap forward is hard to predict, but some forward movement/progress is happening).

1) Bloomingdale, and actually the entire ward 5, became a proud host to a bar/tavern. in a neighborhood where rumors of a local pub have been floating around for years, that’s a pretty big deal.

bar located on the garden level of featured building.

now sergey and i can finally get a beer after all the hard work around the house.

2) mere steps from the new bar, we have a new capital bike share station. so you know all those urban yuppies, or hipsters, could ride their bike to the bar.

So there you have it — signs of progress in the neighborhood.