Exciting News: Ruff and Ready Open for Business

I have blogged about my favorite store in the district multiple times, here, here and then unfortunately here. not sure how we could have ever replaced them, they even have deliver service! well exciting news, Ruff and Read is opening shop again:


Not as convenient as being in logan circle/ u st area, though the shop is still on the busy 14th st corridor, up in Brightwood. The address is: 4722 14th Street NW. Its quite a trek for me, though tll the 50 buses should take you up there from u st, and well with delivery service really no excuse not to visit.



I went and visited myself before the grand opening, which is set for October 1, because i just could not wait. looks so good!





Considerably less ‘junky’ than the innards of the previous RnR. I wonder what that will do to the prices. Curated collections obviously usually start at higher price points. And half the fun at the old RnR was the thrill of the find. But I am still very much looking forward to the occasional trip to Brightwood.


If you don’t live close enough to just ‘drop by’ to see if they are open yet, you can give them a call: 202.726.2600 (they still had to get their formal occupancy papers when I was there this weekend).