wedding colors

as with any decor projects – creating a wedding is really very much a decor project – color is key. We went with red, given our theme of Russian wedding – how the Russian theme came about you can see here.

One of my favorite bits about the planning process was creating a mood board. It was actually the first time that I created one, a skill which afterwards I applied to make my kitchen mood board.

Source: all images came from Snippet and Ink mood boards

An aside: Playing around with color, Sergey showed me some really cool color apps, such as The coolest thing is this feature, which allows to choose a base color and then see shades, complimentary colors, similar colors, etc – amazing! I haven’t fully explored, but this should come in very handy for the house.

After choosing red, the other key decision was to make sure to use it sparingly. At first I was planning on red bridesmaid dresses, but backed away from that idea quite quickly because I did not want red to overwhelming in pictures. So we went with beige to blush pink for the dresses, and red accessories, shoes, and flowers. My maid of honor is wearing red, though :). The guys’ outfits were easy after that, khaki pants and red ties.

photo credit: justin battenfield

We took the same approach to wedding decorations, concentrating on red accents, rather than full on red details.

photo credit: justin battenfield

By far the most time consuming were the tablecloths. It took to sponge a stencil decorative border. I think it took about an hour per tablecloth for the whole process. given that there were 14 of them, in the end probably was not worth it. oh well you live and you learn.

photo credit: justin battenfield

And then, there were the pennants. a lot of these, sadly, were never put up, because we decorated on the day of, but some did make it out. many friends participated in our craft days to help out with these (thank you!!) i love how festive these look:

One of my favorite bits of the wedding were the red name/ escort buttons that we made for everyone to facilitate conversation. Sergey was/is super excited about the button maker that we got for this purpose off craigslist, and I suspect buttons will be making a reappearance here and there in our lives.

and we also used matching circles for place settings:


photo credit: justin battenfield

Finally to decorate and light up the tent, dancing pavilion and the park we used christmas lights and led-powered lanterns (that, yep, we assembled ourselves). we were going for the red lantern/ white lantern look, though the lanterns came off more pink than red — which was fine, because we had no singular red but rather many shades:

photo credit: justin battenfield

Overall, I would say pretty close to the mood board!