Book for Book, Reception for Reception

So funny story – yesterday I was all set to go to a book reception for one of my professors – a respected scholar on Russia and its energy riches. Serious (fascinating) stuff, people. So i got in my car2go (first time user!), got to Georgetown, managed to find a parking spot, ran in 45 minutes late, and all I got was a bunch of empty chairs. Ack, the reception is on Thursday, not Tuesday. Story of my life. I figured I might as well shop to make the trip worth it. Walked down to Wisconsin Ave, straight into the new Jonathan Adler store.

And there was a book reception there with J.Adler himself. Turns out it was invite only, oops. No one asked for my invite, plus I ran into my friend there, so I decided it was all good to stay.

Shiny, sparkly, pretty things – yum. I usually prefer to find my unique decor pieces at flea markets and thrift stores, but a) its always neat to have a look at what is on offer from one of America’s top designers, b) sometimes a very special piece to top off a room is so worth it. The VIB is nowhere near the state of ‘topping off a room with that special something’, so I was spared the agonizing and just enjoyed having a look around. I was particularly impressed by the brass light fixtures. )

I purchased a book on accessorizing, so that I can have it signed. I am not really a collector of objects, but living in DC there are so many opportunities to hear authors speak that I have ended up with a nice and very diverse collection of signed books.