Old Artifacts, New Uses

I have been wanting to try out this idea – a pretty kitchen dish washing liquid bottle – for awhile now. In fact since before the whole kitchen project started. But these small type of projects always seem to get away for some reason. Finally! after removing the cap from our current dish washing bottle one too many times I remembers to order the bar pourers.

The bottle is from Anthropologie, I probably picked it up with this exact purpose in mind – it’s been so long I don’t remember. But now I also have a gazillion vintage bottles (mostly liquor, though a few randos in there too like colorx). These are still sitting in the yard, waiting for my creative ideas. So here’s a new bottle of soap for the half bath.

One thing – these are a bit slow on the pour. I solved that by cutting the detergent with a bit of water. But then again a different brand/ stainless steel caps *might* be better. I *might* order different ones sometime.