Seeing White

There’s been am awful lot of white around here. And it’s come to stay. There is  a lot of different variation of the type of white though, so I am hoping the various textures will layer nicely.

Exhibit A – tin ceiling (yes, I am still working on it, with occasional help from others). These have been stripped, primed with a rustoleum primer for metal with a rust inhibitor and finally painted.

*Paint Choice: Farrow and Ball, Blackened. I cheated, actually. The is Ben Moore paint matched to FB. I got the sample pot from FB, and got a quart mixed at Ben Moore to match. I saw no difference. It may have been the oil based primer, or the tin ceiling itself. I am quite sure that on a plaster wall FB would look rather different from anything mixed to match.

Exhibit B: Tin Cornice. Ordered new, unfinished online. I figured that since it should match the color of the actual tiles, might as well get it unfinished. Priming nooks and crannies of the cornice = no fun. Below is the primed part, haven’t actually gotten to painting these yet.

And the pièce de résistance (so far) in the kitchen:

More detailed post coming on how I did the white wash of the brick.