Walls are going up

at least in one of the spare bedrooms! we finally got around to finishing up the drywall box-out for our A/C vents. I spent last couple of weekends with joint compound and mudding and taping knives (I have learned so much!).


It was a bit difficult at first, I kept getting air bubbles in the tape and couldn’t get the compound to spread evenly, but I eventually got the hang of it (or so I thought)

With the next layer of compound it became apparent that air bubbles managed to hid in the tape and were making themselves all too apparent. Sergey came to my (and wall) rescue. He stripped the tape off (i just couldn’t do it) and reapplied compound.


(note the tape in picture to the left)

All in all, the wall made it out alright. So I went ahead and painted this weekend:


paint courtesy of loading dock, now have to think about an actual color or wallpaper.

overall, the wall isn’t perfect, but upon closer inspection pretty much any wall at the VIB is far from perfect, or pretty similar to what we have here.

as for the project, I would def do it again. i am not sure if sergey agrees though (as he had to do most of it…)