Buckets of Tiles

The Brass Knob warehouse was a treasure trove that we were lucky to discover soon after moving to Bloomingdale. You could also get a pretty good deal if you know how to make one (I can’t, my palms start sweating and I get flustered at the thought of having to haggle).

But anyway, a few weeks ago, we got 6 buckets of 100-year old leaded tiles for $60, courtesy of Sergey!

We weren’t sure how many we had and what condition the tiles were in; Max dropped by while Sergey was impatient to find out, this is what happened:

turns out we have tiles for miles! or at least way more than enough to restore tiled vestibule that was probably part of the original house and with leftovers for a tile mosaic/ border in say, kitchen.

the vestibule — between entrance and second door – in our neighbor’s house: