House Project Weekend! Sometime last week we came up with a brilliant idea of dedicat

inside the salvage store

kitchen cabinets anyone?

door knobs

to the roof!

House Project Weekend!

Sometime last week we came up with a brilliant idea of dedicating a whole weekend to house projects so that we can get situated and finally make a dent in our to do list. Well the weekend is almost over – we have done lots. But it turns out that the brilliant idea of getting a bunch of projects done just doesn’t work all that well when you have a million and one tasks.

Quick recap for now, and a more detailed assessment throughout the week to follow:

We rented a car for the weekend – which actually worked really well – for only $50 we got so many places and purchased so many things! I still wish we had a car full time, but renting a car every 4-6 weeks for a weekend seems like a much more efficient and cheaper way of getting things done (that is, of course, only if you are willing to run around like a madman/woman to squeeze everything in).

Places we have been and what we bought:

IKEA – garden pots, hammock, shoe storage contraption (you will see, why I call it that!)

Baltimore county composter and rain barrel sale – the guy in front of us got the last rain barrel and they had only been selling these for an hour!

The Loading Dock – Baltimore trip was salvaged by this store, which is a bigger version of the local Community Forklift. We got matching glass door handles for all the doors in the house. The place is a treasure trove for restoring a house! There are doors, windows, shutters, tile, wood floors, kitchens, appliances. Whatever your heart desires and that someone else did not want. (word of caution – don’t wear anything nice, like a cashmere sweater for example, cause you’ll get dirty)

Home Depot (2X)- garden things and a ladder to get to the roof, plus some tools.

National Arboretum Annual Plant sale – plants!

Next post: what we saw from our roof.