Life, other side of the world

There is a lot of cool home decor and lifestyle eye candy on pinterest and blogs. Though sometimes, after browsing one too many of these pictures, it all starts to blend and look very, very similar (my secret fear that the VIB will look just like that). Luckily, the internet isn’t constrained to geographic boundaries (well at least its reach is wider than the US and Europe). One of my all time favorites is a “Flat of the Week” feature on Russia’s site. You don’t need to be familiar with Russian in the least to peruse these pretties.

A flat in St Petersburg (one of the world’s most beautiful cities, and coincidentally features the most interesting flats — can you tell I am biased?)  So bohemian! Claw foots are so pretty to look at all the time, why conceal them to an enclosed space?!

Or this flat in Kiev, a fully restored old-timey merchant house:

And this modern flat in Moscow. So Euro! So good! Note the flat-front cabinets in the kitchen (apparently my new obsession).