Construction Days 68-73: Vacation edition

Sergey and I took a week long vacation – wednesday to wednesday – but the work continued while we were gone. I thought it worked out pretty well actually – anytime there was a question the contractors would text with a quick picture and we would follow up when we had time. We were stillĀ  a bit nervous coming home, but this made us happy:

A couple of notes here: the dishwasher still needs a front panel – it will match the rest of the cabinets. We are keeping the stove for now (I am not ecstatic about that, but money wise it makes sense for us right now. plus it is fairly new, as the previous owner purchased it specifically to comply with the rules of our mortgage loan). The upper row of cabinets will have glass fronts, which we still have to get. And lastly, the brick behind the stove will have to be touched up where the old gas line was.

I had asked the guys to take some pictures of the work while we were gone. These aren’t a treasure trove of information, but here are a few:

Also, we asked to add insulation between the kitchen and second floor bedroom in order to cut down on the noise. Not sure how much that will help but we thought that would be better than nothing.

And on the final note, all the walls which will not remain as exposed brick have been covered with blue board in preparation for plaster. I will do a separate post on this, but for the sake of chronological order here are all the walls:

I am hoping that next up we can get to the installation of our penny kopeika floors in the bathroom.