VIB in 21 century

We made it! its been all cool over here at VIB for the last 2 days (and hopefully for good). I am happy to report that the fridge is also working very well.

Here’s a re-cap of how it went. We used Argent –out of 5 estimates, only Argent and one other firm pointed out the need for a hot air intake upstairs. Sure, we spent extra to put that in, but what’s the point of CAC if it doesn’t work upstairs where you sleep? Another big plus for Argent was how knowledgeable they were when explaining how the system will function. And once the work actually started they came on time, and kept everything clean and dust free. and they saved our floor moldings so we can re-use them when we box-in the ductwork.                                             


(upstairs duct, dining room duct, basement furnace+ ducts)

I am glad that I took two days to work from home – I definitely didn’t need to supervise, but i did catch some snaffus – like that thermostat that we received at first wasn’t the version we wanted and also got some pointers from the guys on AC efficiency.

All in all, a good, if expensive experience, that in the end will be well worth it.