A/C unit has been delivered. that means its HAPPENING. cool air is coming.

today the unit is supposed to start functioning, tomorrow will be construction of an intake valve to suck the in the hot air upstairs. happy happy.

i am lucky to have job where i can take days to work from home, so i am supervising (and writing this up during a quick break) and will be writing up about the experience. Sergey and I will also be putting up drywall on our own (cross your fingers please) to box in the tubes. stay tuned!

on an unrelated, but also very happy note, workers are putting in water service for vacant house next door. lots of drilling, but i will take it if that means there will be new neighbors who will help take care of the block and the backyard (in the city, very often, when you have a problem –say a squirrel — its a joint one with all immediate neighbors involved, so its better to have them than not. at least you can discuss.)