Construction Days 53-57

Its been very hectic around here, and not necessarily VIB related. Though the house always adds another layer to whatever else you have going on. Anywho, its been five working days since our last construction update, and what have we got to show for it? That’s what:

the beginnings of our finished tile floors! but before we get to this point, this also took place:

yes, the entire kitchen as well as half bath will have heated floors. its the Russian in me, and yes i know i have switched climates, but I just can’t help it.

Moving on there were also small intangibles, such as running the thermostat line under the kitchen floor – see how neatly the black lines disappear into the floor and reappear in the joists?

The heat grids were covered with self leveling cement, which Otto turned out to be a big fan of – he would just roll on this floor all day. I sure hope he likes the tiles as much!

Otto-roll from victorianinbloom on Vimeo.