It turned out that my efforts to save some money on reglazing process for the bathtub were mostly futile. Once the bathtub master arrived, he took one look at our scrapped up tub and very definitively said: Nope, not gonna work. Uff. But he did agree to accept a ‘side job’ of finishing scraping the tub and threw a sink reglazing in there as well – for $40. So that’s a savings of $25– not worth the time and health, but lesson learned (again) sometimes it’s just not worth it to DIY.… Read the rest

Shopping List: Aircraft Supplies!

Nope, we aren’t building planes. Though that would be pretty sweet. Just sprucing up the upstairs bath (note the floor tiles, shower tiles, and sink – outdated).

Its almost been a year since we purchased a house and did a quick diy job on the bathtub. It wasn’t the greatest looking tub, but it was a big improvement and worked for the first 11 months, while we decided where on the list of priorities the bathroom is – turns out not very high.… Read the rest

BAM! map

with all the time i spend these days in thrift stores and flea markets, its obviously hard for me to resist picking up an extra good treasure when it surfaces. such as this one:

The National Geographic 1966 Map of Asia. $14, Ruff and Ready.

Sergey says that the water damage looks like the iron curtain from the cold war.

I love the map’s color pallet and its the perfect size for the wall.… Read the rest

Dream Fabric Files

Tissus Tartares. “a Eurasian aesthetic for a fabric house, one which would reflect the rich and sophisticated interplay between East and West as it is found in Russian, Persian and Central Asian designs.”

Source: WSJ Magazine (PS – I missed out on the print edition, if anyone has it please please if you are willing to part with it, I would be oh so happy!)

I have been slightly obsessed with Tissus Tartares since Olya Thompson’s brownstone was photographed for Vogue in January 2010.… Read the rest