Shopping List: Aircraft Supplies!

Nope, we aren’t building planes. Though that would be pretty sweet. Just sprucing up the upstairs bath (note the floor tiles, shower tiles, and sink – outdated).

Its almost been a year since we purchased a house and did a quick diy job on the bathtub. It wasn’t the greatest looking tub, but it was a big improvement and worked for the first 11 months, while we decided where on the list of priorities the bathroom is – turns out not very high. It will probably be the last big remodel item actually, or in other words a few years off.

(grimey bathtub March 2011)

So we thought we might as well get the bathtub re-glazed professionally, as the bathtub was showing signs of wear again. And along with that spruce up the space – get new fixtures / vanity, etc) a bit – hence the bathroom moodboard on my March chalkboard.

Anyway, back to the aircraft: When I called to schedule the re-glazing job, the guy told me that on top of the already several hundred dollar reglazing job, the bathtub has to be prepped Рaka stripped Рat a separate fee of $90. so of course i proceeded to ask if we can just strip ourselves (heh), to which he said yes and recommended that we go to an auto parts store  and purchase an aircraft stripper Рyes, used to strip planes and bathtubs!

We also needed a razor blade (they sell ones attached to handles at Home Depot) to scrape off the paint and a caulk removal/ scraping tool to remove the old caulk (two cans of stripper plus blades came to a total of about $25). As well as goggles, respirator masks, gloves and a fan.

Sergey did all the actual application and removal – he would hear none of my offers of help.

Aircraft potion applied + old pain bubbling:


Sergey scraping:

He actually did two rounds of application and in the end we had this:

was it worth it? well we saved some money…but not as much as we I thought…