Construstion Days 29-31: Clawfoot is in!

Clawfoot tub has arriveth in its final resting spot. With tub feet on and all.

It was a glorious site to behold when we got home on Friday night. Because this week our contractors are on vacation. I don’t think I could have gone on for another week without a shower.

**Full disclosure: Our very kind friends actually invited us to stay at their very nice, not dusty, clean, with running water apartment for 10 days while they went on vacation. So that coupled with a week in Russia meant that we really only spent about 10 days or so living without water. I don’t think I could have done a month.

Moving on, here are the finished floors and tile before the tub went in:

And here’s the dark grout with subway tile. I love how that turned out. The tiles *are* the same color, the pictures were just taken during different times of day.

We were planning on doing wainscotting with subway tile – but now I am thinking about tiling all the way to the ceiling. I would appreciate any comments as to whether we should go for that or stick to the original plan!