A Common Misconception

i came across this article today and actually was quite stunned to learn that our choice to buy in the city is actually *probably* lowering our taxes! without getting into discussion about personal views on taxes and government, i just want to point out that it seems, at least to me, that there is a common misconception out there that by living outside the district, in say VA or MD one would save on paying the tax man.… Read the rest

red, red tea cups

my latest project is not directly for or about the vib. although, its got the same vibe

i am collecting tea cups and saucers for our wedding this summer. the color scheme for the event is red and white, and i am trying to collect tea cups in the same pallet, around 120 of these.

it also means that i get to discover new thrift and antique places in DC (and elsewhere) in addition to tried and true ruff and ready (on my last trip i got 8 cups there!)… Read the rest

Gardening in February

Time flies by. It wasn’t too long ago that we planted our climbing roses. This year’s winter wasn’t too bad, so I think they made it out ok. Last weekend, Sergey and I took about 30 minutes to prune and train the bushes onto the fence. This should be done at the end of winter, before plants start budding for spring.

This is how we started out. The plants didn’t even loose all of their leaves,

which I thought should go, to make way for fresh blooms.… Read the rest

Exposed Brick, Tin Ceiling, the works

while i am on a “dreaming about new kitchen” roll, i figure I might as well share pictures that I have been taking everywhere for inspiration.


The plan is to have exposed brick in the kitchen. i am not sure how that will work with insulation, so that may have to be scrapped. but for now, the idea is that the wall that houses the fridge/built-ins/bench will be exposed brick.and… Read the rest

We’ve got plans

and so far, not much else.

its been a month since this happened. since then, time spent on VIB = 0.00002. unfortunately, time and resources for all of our projects, from new kitchen to a garden/forest wedding all come from the same source (who knew, average amount of hours spent on planning a wedding? 300! and I am not going to bring up the outrageous cost of the average wedding, which is up there with kitchen renovation budgets).… Read the rest