Gardening in February

Time flies by. It wasn’t too long ago that we planted our climbing roses. This year’s winter wasn’t too bad, so I think they made it out ok. Last weekend, Sergey and I took about 30 minutes to prune and train the bushes onto the fence. This should be done at the end of winter, before plants start budding for spring.

This is how we started out. The plants didn’t even loose all of their leaves,

which I thought should go, to make way for fresh blooms. So this is what our roses look now:

the process was super easy and quick. we removed the leaves by hand, and used garden pruners to cut off dead/redundant branches. then we trained the branches horizontally with kitchen twine.


I can’t figure out a way to embed videos in this post, but I will post the two that we watched to learn how to do this.

I hope we get some blooms this year, even though our sun situation is not ideal.