Construction Days 16-19

Ah its good to be home. Sergey and I took an unexpected trip to Russia, a second home for us both. No serious reasons, thankfully, just an unexpected and opportune alignment of circumstances.

In my hometown of Petrozavodsk (yes it was cold).

Meanwhile progress has been chugging along here. Thank you to Kirill for keeping a watch here and sending us pictures. Here’s a recap of what happened over the last four days of construction.… Read the rest

Construction Day 14-15

Good morning people.
It’s Wednesday, and VIB is moving fast ahead and framing is up!
If you look the right way, you can almost see the kitchen slowly forming in the distance… )
So many little parts left to do, but the pace is steady..

The water will be entirely disconnected this week, so timing works out.
Kirill is going to be our nachal’nik for the week, with proper documentation of the progress and creating presence!… Read the rest

Construction Day 13

Well here we are, another day, a few more signs of progress:

no that toilet there is not hooked up. its just there, along with a sink, to determine the final placement for the door (currently leaning against the frame).

I know its looking a little tight. But! the sink will be higher up. and consider these powder baths:


Source: savoringsimplicity, centsational girl;

And we also got some additional framing around our french doors

and finally, an obligatory tools shot, just for fun:

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Construction Day 11 – progress?

the question mark is for the fact that I didn’t see much when I came home. Here’s what the kitchen opening looks like as of today:

not hugely different from yesterday:

whoever gets the most differences – wins!

anyway, we have got nothing to hurry for I suppose. One day here / one day there, at this point we will get there when we get there.

in the meantime, I might as well post about choosing colors shades of white for the kitchen.… Read the rest

Construction Day 10 – renovation part II start

Phase II is full steam ahead – no more wall!

Ok so when I came home I was actually kind of scared to use that part of the house, fearing an immediate collapse of some sort. But we are all good, my fears can sometimes be irrational. I did know that that wall was not load bearing – but still, I waited until Sergey got home to confirm that it was ok.… Read the rest

Demolition Day 6

I think we have reached the point where demolition, renovation, and in general the house — isn’t so much fun anymore, and in fact, we would like nothing better but stop breaking things and stop camping out and get on with fine living. Oh and blogging about this is also getting tedious. But show must go on. whine or not.and blogging will too, so i can remind myself in the future what it takes to do house.… Read the rest

Demolition Day 5

With our expanding plans, we are spending saving more money..on the demolition! Yep, it was time for the upstairs bathroom to come out. Our friend Kirill, who has been a superstar helper and hanger outer, came to lend a hand.

On Friday I cleaned out our bathroom, which actually give our tight space constraints already was a task in and of itself. Here are some before shots:

On Saturday, I took the first swing at the pinkbeige tile.… Read the rest

Construction Day 9 – Phase I done

we are done! phase I is complete. phase I 1/2 this weekend. phase II starts Monday.

The exterior trim is up. I just have to paint it, next time I have a free minute. ahem.

Now, a little bit about the door, which has become the central driving point of this whole project. I really, really wanted the doors to look stately and distinguished. with cremone bolts and all. we briefly considered salvaged doors,but the thin wood and thin glass were a concern not only for insulation reasons, but also safety.… Read the rest

Construction Day 8 – D-Day

It’s in! Workers were here yesterday to finish up. Here it is:

It looks good – just not quite done. Cause it’s not. I have no idea what that board piece is, its actually gone now, i assume it was holding in bricks during instalation?

Anyway, we had a walk through today, and Sergey was not having any of it. The door didn’t seem securely in place, plus some of the bricks were still missing even though the masons have packed up the job site.… Read the rest