Demolition Day 6

I think we have reached the point where demolition, renovation, and in general the house — isn’t so much fun anymore, and in fact, we would like nothing better but stop breaking things and stop camping out and get on with fine living. Oh and blogging about this is also getting tedious. But show must go on. whine or not.and blogging will too, so i can remind myself in the future what it takes to do house. ok, I am done.

On Sunday, we (and by we I mean Sergey and Kirill) took out the chimney in the small bedroom/roof. It was really unsafe, as it in fact was not resting on anything – the foundation and first floor part of the chimney was just hanging in open air. held together by plaster i suppose.

The whole thing took about 3 hours, and it was very, very dirty. I was actually in the kitchen when bricks on the roof started coming out, and within minutes the room was filled with what is probably 100-year-old black smoke.I also got side swept by a small brick chunk, and that was my cue to get out.

Behind the scenes, action shots – note the chimney stacks. we saved one, i am not sure what to do with it, but i suppose i can make a vase out of it or something.

that’s it. the bricked in chimeny came out – no more safety issues. plus we are gaining usable wall space in the smallest bedroom in the house. i good thing!