Construction Day 10 – renovation part II start

Phase II is full steam ahead – no more wall!

Ok so when I came home I was actually kind of scared to use that part of the house, fearing an immediate collapse of some sort. But we are all good, my fears can sometimes be irrational. I did know that that wall was not load bearing – but still, I waited until Sergey got home to confirm that it was ok.

I forgot to ask to save the molding on kitchen entrance, but thankfully the guys preserved that. I was very happy, when I remembered at 7 pm!  So I guess tomorrow they will start framing the new taller and wider opening which will match the frame for the pocket doors and French door opening.

I hope we start getting exciting soon – so far emotions seem to have been spent on phase I and demolition/excavation. Well we have 2 months to regain our senses.