Construction Day 11 – progress?

the question mark is for the fact that I didn’t see much when I came home. Here’s what the kitchen opening looks like as of today:

not hugely different from yesterday:

whoever gets the most differences – wins!

anyway, we have got nothing to hurry for I suppose. One day here / one day there, at this point we will get there when we get there.

in the meantime, I might as well post about choosing colors shades of white for the kitchen. I have settled on white for several reasons: most of the inspiration pictures that i have are white, in our kitchen it makes sense because the rear of the house faces north and we can use as much light as we can get, and its easier to decorate with accent color that way.

So here’s what we are working with:

The only thing we can’t change (or rather are not going to change) is the tile. After much fruitless research I was very lucky to stumble one day across an article in TOH magazine that sourced hexagon flower tile that came in mesh. Everything else on the internet seemed to suggest that black flowers would have to be put in each by hand.

Lucky for us, I very much like the tile. Next up are the tin ceilings. I have been dying to try Farrow and Ball colors, so I picked out two shades, one warm – pointing, and one cold – blackened.

Pretty big difference. Although I want the kitchen to ‘feel’ warm, I like the cool color better. I also think that it picks up on the grayish color of the tile better. Two pictures with door open and door closed – the difference in the amount of light is significant btw.

Finally the difference in white wash for the brick. Yes, I purchased 4 different samples (from BM, not FB). Yes I feel silly. The difference is not significant enough to warrant choosing between the shades. I kid of feeling like combining the four sample cans and just using that. I am using a pretty straight forward formula of half paint and half water, followed with wiping off excess with a rag. I want the brick texture to come through, and I think this does that.