Construction Day 14-15

Good morning people.
It’s Wednesday, and VIB is moving fast ahead and framing is up!
If you look the right way, you can almost see the kitchen slowly forming in the distance… )
So many little parts left to do, but the pace is steady..

The water will be entirely disconnected this week, so timing works out.
Kirill is going to be our nachal’nik for the week, with proper documentation of the progress and creating presence!

Here is the progress so far:
– the opening, identical to the french doors and the pocket doors to the living room is up!
– power boxes are starting to get mounted
– blue board is ordered
– our bathtub’s claws polished – I think Jenia will want to write a full post about them, they are just beautiful looking now.
– toilet drain for downstairs is set up.


Also, the drain for the downstairs toilet is set up

Downstairs bathroom is looking nicely, since you can actually see it, instead of visualizing in your mind, based on drawings.

For the window, everything has to be taken off, but the molding is preserved. Jenia, do not be worried it will look great. The molding on the inside of the window, since it’s wooden, can be extend to make it look seamless with the wall. Current state:

And to leave you for today is the last shot of the frame:

In other news

I had a great conversation with our guys and I can actually communicate with them!
And the issue is not the language, but their quite and reserved nature vs my always uppity self.

The goal was very simple, to over-communicate. Since we all tend to assume certain things and base our understanding of truth on those assumptions, we ought to be careful what we assume. I’ve asked Jeffrey to tell me what he thinks the kitchen will look like and walk me through the processes of how it will get done.

It was a great exercise as it gave me a better idea of a timeline and their plans, as well as posed questions that might have been overlooked. I’ve never really had an official walk through, but I think this was perfect.

On the agenda for the rest of the week is the evil stack, upstairs toilet and flooring, walls, and finished water lines.

I will make a genuine effort to write more often in the next month, introducing lost (or never existed) blog dynamic between Jenia and I.

Enjoy your days and we’ll be in touch.