Getting warmer

literary. when we took off the old molding and replaced the kitchen door we took the opportunity to add some insulation.

sort of wild that in certain spots you could see straight to the outside. the mortar just sort of crumbled out. sergey now thinks we should take down all of drywall in the kitchen and start everything from scratch to make sure we are good on all 6 sides (4 walls, floor and ceiling).… Read the rest

Walls are going up

at least in one of the spare bedrooms! we finally got around to finishing up the drywall box-out for our A/C vents. I spent last couple of weekends with joint compound and mudding and taping knives (I have learned so much!).


It was a bit difficult at first, I kept getting air bubbles in the tape and couldn’t get the compound to spread evenly, but I eventually got the hang of it (or so I thought)

With the next layer of compound it became apparent that air bubbles managed to hid in the tape and were making themselves all too apparent.… Read the rest

That will be it, folks

the dryer is here. delivered by home depot, actually ahead of schedule for once.

its the same brand as the washer, but that’s about where the similarities end on the two models. the washer is prior year’s model, so can’t actually get the same dryer. i can’t say i am overly enthused by the combo look, but at this point i just don’t care enough to spend any more time on this.… Read the rest

Ready Strip

The good news is that the peel away did an excellent job:

so much so that layer of paint just came off with the wax paper. awesome, since it takes only 2 minutes. but, since i ran out of peel away i decided to give a try to another product that i got for free from craigslist (someone was done renovating)

Ready Strip! The goo that came out of the bucket looks straight out of goosebumps novels

I decided to do just one plank in case it didn’t work that well.… Read the rest