Roses Bloomin’, Rockets Burstin’

Turns out that there was good reason for us to work hard to get our little patch of dirt yard cleaned and sunny. the roses are in full bloom and we aren’t even at the end of May yet!

On a side note – there are tons of little bugs on roses – they don’t seem to be impeding the blooming, but look kind of icky up close. not sure what those are, and whether i will get around to getting rid of these.… Read the rest

Six Months Out

an update, and likely (fingers crossed) the last post on this issue for another 6 months or so. when we noticed the paint bubbling in our wall, we had immediate panic.

6+1 (six called by us -a general contractor, 3 masons, one mold remediation specialist and a roofer- and one by our neighbor – an hvac contractor) contractor visits later, it turned out the water damage on our wall was coming from a condensation that build up because the furnace at the house next door had no outlet, unbeknownst to the owner.… Read the rest

Renovation Inspiration and Musings

Before we purchased the house, I was pretty excited about renovation as a process. Disclaimer – Sergey was much more cautious about the whole thing. For one, he grew up with parents who are renovators. And two, he understands much better than i do, the value of relaxing.

This is my long winded introduction to Capitol Hill House and Garden Tour we took last weekend.

We were planning on some serious inspiration, after all renovations on the hill have been ongoing for at least six decades (the tour started in the 1950s), so there is a lot of examples there!… Read the rest