Construction Day 8 – D-Day

It’s in! Workers were here yesterday to finish up. Here it is:

It looks good – just not quite done. Cause it’s not. I have no idea what that board piece is, its actually gone now, i assume it was holding in bricks during instalation?

Anyway, we had a walk through today, and Sergey was not having any of it. The door didn’t seem securely in place, plus some of the bricks were still missing even though the masons have packed up the job site.

The exterior and interior trim weren’t part of our estimate, but it seems like a good thing to get done ASAP, at least on the outside. So that will be finished up.

In other news, our contractor final bill came in at $1500 above initial estimate. Uff, but I guess with old houses lots of unexpected bits and pieces pop up. I do wish they would have let us know before hand about the additional expenses. Lesson learned, even if the detail is in the contract – i.e. let owners know of additional expense – still go over verbally on everything agreed.

Ok that’s it hopefully tomorrow we can officially close on phase 1 of construction. The other crew is due yo start Monday.