red, red tea cups

my latest project is not directly for or about the vib. although, its got the same vibe

i am collecting tea cups and saucers for our wedding this summer. the color scheme for the event is red and white, and i am trying to collect tea cups in the same pallet, around 120 of these.

it also means that i get to discover new thrift and antique places in DC (and elsewhere) in addition to tried and true ruff and ready (on my last trip i got 8 cups there!) I should mention that we went to the thrift store on georgia ave, which didn’t have much in a way of red tea cups (one), but had very good assortment of other house wears.

a friend suggested that we give them out as wedding favors to our guests after the party. i am not sure if i will be able to part with these, but then again what will i do with 100+ tea cups and saucers? but a few favorites will have to stay with the vib for sure.

i would love to hear about other places to look for cups, so let me know if you’ve got any suggestions!