VIB gets an Audit

Yesterday, after 4 long months of waiting it finally happened. We got a DC RiverSmart audit! The DC government program basically allocates $1200 per property to alleviate issues connected with storm water run-off via rain barrels, water gardens, shade trees and permeable patios.

We definitely needed it. We noted the issue with flooding almost as soon as we moved in. Well today’s rain looks even worse, our backyard is a mess of standing water. I will post some pictures later.

For now, this is what our neighborhood looked like during last week’s freak storm:

(image via PoP)

The audit itself was very quick, although somewhat less exciting news is that we are only eligible for the rain barrel. Unfortunately, credits for the brick or stone patio — which is what we really wanted — are only available to those replacing paved concrete. And our yard is really way too small to for landscaping.

But hey, I will take the $300 rain barrel. I will be posting about that, much more additional yard work that we will be doing as soon as we decide how to approach it.

By the way, any house in the district is eligible to apply, although from what i gather the program is quite popular — when I applied back in April, I think I was told 4-5 months.