Mini-Salvage Trip

As I mentioned, part of my excitement for the Baltimore trip this past weekend was definitely the salvage stores.

I have already talked about Loading Dock on this blog. We got lucky again with hardware, picking up a whole bunch of drawer pulls , whose new home is tbd. And found an outdoor light for just $1! 

I think Loading Dock is my winner for low prices award. I saw an awesome chandelier for $150, which I loved, but hesitated to spend money on because I wasn’t sure when it would actually make its way to the ceiling. Then, I saw the exact same version at DC’s Community Forklift for $450, and of course regretted my decision.

Next we stopped in Second Chance – pretty similar inventory to the Loading Dock -but the space is probably even bigger.


We did not end up buying anything, but i was quite enamored by those vent covers ~ $40 (luckily for Sergey i did not measure the sizes that i would need) and this awesome desk ($37) that I couldn’t decide where I would put. We also checked out their tile collection, as we would like to re-tile our front entryway. Of all area salvage stores, I only saw what looked to be the original row-house tiles here. At $2 a pop (they do offer bulk discounts) this will be an expensive project.

We were also looking for shutters for the 4 windows in the living room bay — these are at the front of the house, and essentially serve as the daylight source for the entire first floor. I would like to get shutters to allow for privacy from the street, but still let in light from the top. My hunch is that the price tag for getting these custom made and installed would be astronomical, so we spent quite a bit of time looking for these. Not surprisingly, finding a matching, working set is quite a task.

We even checked out Community Forklift in DC. No shutters, but we did find quite a few awesome items here. Check it out:

another outdoor light for the back of the house – $8, more than loading dock, but, hey that’s two lights for under 10 bucks!

an awesome, solid-wood door for the kitchen, a steal at $25. more importantly there will be light! (once installed — its just propped in the opening for the picture)

a manual operated doorbell -$3. Sergey will see if can make it work (although I don’t quite understand how you are supposed to hear a manual doorbell if you are upstairs or have the TV on, etc)