Éminence Grise

The other day, I was sitting around, looking at this:

and it just really looked awful. and I thought, to hell with waiting to demolish the kitchen, even though that is exactly what i would like to do right now. unfortunately (or fortunately) we have to wait a few more months before we can begin in order to line up all of our financial sources to begin. we are thinking mid march, but that’s a subject for another post.

I guess I am still in recover from the wedding, as i find it necessary to spend my time doing projects, or just that i am so happy no longer doing crafts for the one day, that i am willing to jump into any other house project. it did not take long to paint the frame with white that we picked out, oh, about a year ago (ahem). then, i remembered that i procured a couple of free cans of paint from a house in the neighborhood that was throwing out supplies post renovation. there was about half a gallon of slay gray porch/outdoor paint left.

the gray is perfect for concealing all the not so perfect cracks around the door — which will have to be dealt with when we redo the kitchen.

the downstairs bathroom also got the same gray treatment. All in all the kitchen wall and the bathroom took about three hours – lots to show for relatively limited time investment.

so what if both the kitchen wall and bathroom walls will be gone in a few months? (more on that here)

I wanted to try out the darker gray color anyway, and per-demolition seemed like the perfect opportunity. the gray looks so good! it makes every other color set against it pop. And the bathroom feels so cozy and enveloping. a note of caution, sergey noticed that the gray also absorbs a lot more light in the bathroom, which makes it a good choice for a small powder room, but may not do so well in a main bathroom, where it is actually nice to see what’s going on.

P.S. for those that noticed, i also painted the kitchen cabinet inserts white. i was touching up a few spots, and decided to just go for it. i guess to test out the white cabinet look that we are leaning strongly towards.