So I did my research on electric dryers. Found the one that actually matches our laundry machine. Found it on sale. purchased the dryer online. no delivery. boooo. off to sears in woodbridge,va we went.

Here we were 40 minutes outside DC on Sunday morning:

(via stereojam)

Pull up to appliance pick up, wait for 40 minutes, the guy can’t find our dryer because our confirmation email doesn’t have the name/picture of the dryer (are you for reals sears????!!!). ok, so we find the picture on the internets. we get the dryer. we go home.

obviously the dryer did not fit through the basement opening (i have no idea how the washer of the same size did). anywho, this happened:


then we got the dryer downstairs using a handcart — i was absolutely convinced we were going to get crushed, but all went off with out a hitch, just as sergey said (there may have been some yelling involved). then sergey put the dryer back together

So moment of truth: the guy at sears told us that before we dry anything we must plug in and see if there are any banging sounds:

obviously there was banging. uffff. back to the drawing board.