Transom – Finished (almost)!

And yet, much remains to be done. like the molding (thankfully we got some very similar molding at the brass knob warehouse). but for now, here’s what happened after peel away layer 1, 2, and 3 failed to take out the gazillion or so layers of paint covering the transom. I gave up on perfection and decided to sand the transom, rosettes and the top portion of molding.

I did use my sander, although I did resort to sanding sponges to do crevices.

and then i primed it – right on top of (smoothed out) imperfections. (note that the molding on the left isn’t really attached, its just popped in place so it doesn’t look like we live in a crack house)

and – here it is the almost finished product – two coats of primer and a coat of paint. I am planning to do the second coat once we replace the molding. but point is, the transom is (almost) finished in all its minced onion color glory.

yep that’s me and the patio door – we are great friends. that’s next on the list.