French doors are a royal pain in the butt

Ok so the perfect patio door that would allow lots of light through was stripped, painted, and re-painted. and then it was time to weatherize.

an important step to block rain and wind from coming inside. so sergey got some clear silicone gel for me, loaded it up into one of those gun squirty things, and told me to go for it:

basically its fairly easy – press on then gun, squeeze out the silicone, smooth it out, wipe off excess with paper towels.


but then again, since its our first time trying our hand at these things, of course there are complications. obviously. the guy at hardware store told sergey to use mineral spirits to clean up the glass afterwards – maybe we were tired, but we decided that somehow, that that meant after the silicone dries, not right after it goes on.

oops. our bad. i guess it was supposed to be right after. yea, clean up (with a scraper) was a bitch.

ps – this will be the most priceless door if it ever gets done. and if we ever move, its so coming. its like a member of the family.