S Novym Godom!

Happy 2011! happy new beginnings :)

Since we have been on a kick with a year of firsts, we decided to do VIB’s own holiday card. The house pictures from last year’s snow storm were perfect, and after choosing one, we sergey used photoshop to enhance the image to make it look as if it were painted.

we also added a short text with our blog address and mailed these to friends and family last week.

we used vistaprint to order cards printed on matte paper. overall, the quality was pretty good, paper was good grade, and turn around fast. if i got on the ball earlier i would have definitely ordered a sample first, because there were some things that i would have fixed. i also would have preferred better quality paper, but it was very hard to distinguish the offerings from various internet companies. so if anyone has any good sources i would appreciate the feedback.

Happy New Year y’all, or as we say around here, S Novym Godom!