State of the VIB

Yes, I know we haven’t been posting very much. That’s cause we haven’t done much:
A) its been hot;
B) Sergey keeps on insisting that we need a social life – so we haven’t even been home before 10 pm this week, with the exception of Monday (I for one would be just as happy scraping paint off moldings as drinking beers in the park/bar, but not so with the Mr.);
C) there is just so much to do that when you think about it your head starts to hurt
D) did you know that while you are doing projects in the house you still have to clean and cook – and if you do that latter two, when exactly are you supposed to get the said projects??? And let’s not even touch on the money side of the equation.

With that in mind, I have come up with a rough phases for tackling the VIB project. I am sure the list will grow, but this is what I have so far.

Phase I – stuff we can do ourselves:

*this will overlap with phase II & III as some of this has to wait until we tackle projects in other phases

Rip out carpet upstairs

Clean paint spills, dirt off the floors

Re-polish floors (I am pretty sure that our floors we waxed at some point)

Remove paint from floor, door, window moldings

Remove paint from staircase/ banister

Remove paint from dining room paneling

Repaint everything

Install new doors for every room/closet/bathroom – I want solid wood and I am not giving up on that.

Install door bell and outdoor light

Install crown-molding


Hang wallpaper

Hang new light fixtures

Gutter repair/cleaning

Landscape garden

* get rid of circly ceilings and textured walls in master bedroom — not sure whether we will be hiring someone for this or not.

* fix pocket doors/ railings

Phase II – we need to source these out, I am hoping we can get most of these accomplished by next summer

Lift up house (I know!) to prop up/replace foundation beam *this sounds kind of bad, but when we did our home inspection, the guy didn’t think the actual settling was that bad, but we should take care of this eventually/ before we do the kitchen remodel.

Install A/C – apparently we have all the systems in place and just need a compressor or something like that. I dunno, Ill believe it when an actual HVAC person tells me that.

Open up the fire place, we will probably go with gas, but nothing final yet. Install another fireplace in master bedroom

Roof deck

Phase III – major overhauls


Master Bathroom, guest bathroom, ½ bath

Master Closets

Built-ins in living/ dining room

I know, no fun stuff for awhile. At least the blog should help keep me motivated to get to the last phase…