Pick, pick, picking away

Peeling paint is sort of like blisters, there is an irresistible urge to pick at it. This is what happens when you give in:

I guess one of the previous VIB occupants, at some point in the house’s 100 year history, was into gold. I suppose the current state of pocket door trim will encourage us to take care of these sooner rather than later. I am not quite sure who to call about restoration of pocket doors though.

With the weather staying in mid-90s we didn’t really feel like doing much more than picking away at peeling paint.

We did go to some open houses around our neighborhood — I was hoping to get some ideas for what I want to do inside the VIB. Well, we visited 5 houses, and the best thing I saw (and the only picture I took) was this:

Vestibule entrance with original tiles. VIB probably had these at some point but they are long gone. Ill be keeping my eye out for these in salvage stores. But seriously, for the other things we saw, just made me feel sad how these houses are flipped for sale and work is shoddy and materials are visibly cheap. On the bright side, this was a good reminder of why we loved VIB from the moment we saw it.