The Otto Renovation – Check it out edition

Every week, Monday-Friday from 7 am to 6 pm Otto cat spends in our bedroom, because we made the decision early on not to mix cat and construction, particularly since workers go in and out of the house, and while he is allowed outside, we are still trying to figure out the best approach to take on that front and for now prefer that we know when he goes out. All of that is a long winded introduction to the new and constantly changing world that Otto finds once we get home and let him out. Mhhhh, new hardware…

Most of the time after the requisite sniffing, Otto just makes himself comfortable and looks like he couldn’t care less that he is lounging on steel bolts

In general the island is his favorite. A giant tall box in the middle of the room for scaling? sold.

Second favorite thing to do? Why of course jump over the the other high surfaces. This will do. That btw, is our awesome new bench (more on that in the next construction update).

Otto also looooves playing hide and attack with the plastic covering the island cabinets. Only his tail is almost always sticking out. He thinks he is so sneaky – ha.

Here’s the previous edition of Otto renovations. For now Otto’s content with the progress.