in limbo

why did we have to stop work on the drywall?

well, we had another fireplace estimate for work necessary to get our fireplace in the dining room working. it went well.the guy told us we may have to take apart part of the wall on second floor where the chimney is to do the necessary work. so we stopped the drywall project.

and now we are waiting, and waiting, and waiting for an estimate.

i am inclined to shelve the entire thing, if its this hard to get someone to even give us something in writing about the work (we are talking thousands of $$$, you would think that would be enough, but apparently not so), i don’t even want to know how it will go with project time line.

in happier news, we shopped at the brass knob this weekend (just two weeks to go!) our finds – faucet and tin ceiling for the kitchen: